We like to think that ELAM is different. That’s why we all belong to it and why we’re so enthusiastic about it. Unlike some bike clubs, we have a very pragmatic approach to riding.

We don’t mind what bike you ride or what sort of rider you are, our motto is

“it’s not what you ride, it’s the way you ride it that matters”

Our different approach can be seen in many ways:

  • We run structured courses that help you learn advanced riding techniques more thoroughly. This means the lessons will “stick” for longer and old bad habits are less likely to resurface over time.
  • Our courses are designed to get you up to test standard faster. That makes you safer sooner and, if you want it, gets you that magic piece of paper that “proves” you’re a good rider quicker.
  • We enjoy riding. So we find the best roads, all over Europe, and we ride! Our full social calendar means there are always plenty of opportunities to meet up with friends you’ve made at ELAM and practice those advanced riding skills.

So, whether you’re new to motorcycling or have been riding for years, feedback from our members suggests that ELAM has something to offer you.

You may think you’re a good motorcyclist, but an IAM RoadSmart test certificate is the surest way to prove you are. It is also about the cheapest way to get a nationally recognised advanced riding qualification. An ELAM course will give you at least 5 hours of lectures on the theory of advanced motorcycling and a minimum of 15 hours personalised on-the-road coaching in practical advanced riding skills. Think how much that would cost if you went to a commercial training organisation before seeing how little we charge.

Depending upon which research you read, advanced motorcyclists are between 3 and 5 times less likely to have an accident. That’s why we get things like discounts on insurance, etc. But most importantly, advanced riding lets you get more fun out of your bike!

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