The Essex Voluntary Blood Service, also known as Essex Blood Runners is a charitable organisation that delivers urgently needed supplies of blood, platelets, plasma and samples to nine A&E hospitals across Essex and East London. We are one of 30+ such groups throughout the UK.

This free of charge service is on call from 7pm to 7am, every night of the year, and 24 hours at weekends and all national holidays. We are all volunteer motorcyclists/car drivers and do not receive any payment. Each month, members suggest shifts and dates convenient to their work and home life.

Since March 2019 we also now resupply the Essex & Herts Air Ambulances with blood every night at their two airbases.

We are now recruiting new members and IAM riders/drivers are just the sort of responsible and skilled men and women we want to join the team.

Let’s be clear: this can be tiring work at unsocial hours in all weathers; will add several thousand miles to your vehicle each year and cost you several hundred in fuel.

On the plus side, you will be a valued member of a professional team helping the NHS to bring life-saving care to a sick person who could one day be you or one of your loved ones.

Many of you may already be Blood Donors – the easiest way for any of us to save a life. Becoming a Bloodrunner also helps save lives and puts your IAM skills to a noble cause.

Take a look at for more details and contact us if you would like to know more.

Essex Voluntary Blood Service