For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Nigel Servini and I am the Social ride Co Ordinator. I have been in the role for about 5 years and I must say I really enjoy the job. I currently ride a BMW R1200GSA which I love “I must do as it’s my fifth one.”

As ride Co Ordinator I tend to keep a low profile and only come out of the woodwork when I’m chasing ride leaders to lead a social ride or looking for new ride leaders. But unfortunately my low profile wasn’t good enough and I was stealthily hunted down and by someone I used to like (name and Shame) Mr A. McNamara a quiet unassuming man who has a knack of coercing people into saying yes by plying you with liquor!!

Anyway let’s get to the point of me bleating on about “Social ride routes”.

My favourite routes.

This was difficult as I do tend to change the routes so it’s not too boring for you or me.
So for this particular article I decided to choose the route below.

Or view on MyRouteApp here.

Myrouteapp is a great place to create routes and share them with friends.

A great mix of roads: As, Bs and some unclassified roads too, I personally love Parsonage Lane (4, 5 and 6) very open and quick with easy to read bends. Ferneux Pelham (7 to 8) – tight twisty and often a surprise bit of mud or gravel on the road. Then you have the pièce de résistance, the A507 heading towards Slip End (8 to 9) another open quick and easy to read road finally getting to Jordans Mill.

Jordans Mill … Great location, great food and reasonably priced, ample parking and a huge decking area overlooking the river, absolutely brilliant in the summer but can be very busy.

Or view on MyRouteApp here.

Edworth to Ashwell (4 to 5). A lovely bit of road but it keeps you on your toes with a few sharp lefts and rights. Ashwell to Watton at Stone (5 to 11). Super quick open road, the vision is excellent and the road just goes on and on and on for miles.

Watton at Stone to Much Hadham (11 to 16). A more challenging string of roads and concentration levels are heightened; this section includes a splishy splashy ford (technical term) and a rather big humpback bridge. Ahh wonderful! Roydon to Epping (17 to 19) a much slower road now due to newish speed limits of mostly 40mph but some of the bends can easily catch out the unaware.

The final stop is Burts Café, cheap cheerful and loads of similar minded bikers who are up for a chat. Just around the corner is Holy Innocents Church (summer only) which serves tea coffee and lots and lots of homemade cakes which are scrumdiddlyumptious and the bonus is you get to sit out in the graveyard which is surprisingly very relaxing.

As soon as we can Chris Cotter (Super Sunday Co Ordinator) and myself will be cracking the whip and organising as many social rides as possible. Until then enjoy looking, polishing and caressing your parked up bikes.

Hope you enjoyed this small insight into my mind.
Hopefully see you all soon

Ride Coordinator