Vision Up!

Observers say it all the time, ‘Vision up. Look as far as you can see and scan back.’ Well I’m currently looking at June! July is just over the horizon, a little blurry from where I am now but that’s the earliest we can realistically expect to restart observing and […]


Ducati Hypermotard 950SP

Practical all round motorbike? Or just an expensive boys (or girls) toy? To be fair any bike can be an all round bike, there’s Nick Saunders for instance who took an R1 sports bike around the world. However for most of us a practical bike is a bike that does […]

Helite Turtle Airbag Vest

Great product, slightly odd name Having noticed a few fellow ELAM’ites wearing the Helite Turtle Airbag vests on social rides, I chatted to the owners and was very impressed with the safety potential. So I took the plunge and paid £ 450 on 0% APR from Sportbikeshop about two years […]

Ruroc Atlas Helmet

There’s a new kid on the block (OK they’re nearly a year old). Who are Ruroc? They made their name making snowboarding helmets which are by all accounts rather good. It was put to them that they should make a motorcycle helmet, and low and behold they did. So are […]

Riding Adventures


Trail Braking

What is it, can I do it, should I do it? In normal everyday riding we are taught to brake in a straight line, once the correct speed has been obtained the brakes are realised, we turn into the corner or bend, which is the correct, safe and tried and […]

Let’s Talk About Helmets

There’s a lot of advice and opinions on when you should change your helmet. There’s loads of information out there, sometimes it even contradicts itself, and I’m no expert or claim to be. However, one thing we can all be sure of and agree upon (I hope), if you have […]


This year’s ELAM AGM took place on the 3rd March 2020 at the Moby Dick public house in Romford. This is the second year the AGM has been held at this venue and it proved just as popular as last year. A generous buffet was laid on and a large […]


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