ELAM organised a training day for Observers on Sunday 28th April with i2i Motorcycle Academy. The aim was to hone the Observers’ skills, learn something new, have some fun and reward the Observers for their hard work throughout the year. Spaces were limited, so National Observers were given first refusal.

The ‘ELAM only’ event was held at North Weald Airfield where we regularly hold Machine Control Days for our new Associates.

If you haven’t heard of i2i, the academy operates out of Yorkshire but runs courses all over the country. Tom Killeen the owner and Colm were our instructors for the day. If any of you have been on an i2i course, as I have, you will know that Tom delivers the theory with a certain flair as only someone from the Emerald Isle can. Tom is very engaging and entertaining, however he has an excellent in depth of knowledge of rider and bike physics.

After a cuppa made in the i2i van (great graphics on the van), Tom talked about the relationship between rider and bike, in particular how our riding position affects how the bike reacts. The advantage of holding this event at North Weald Airfield is the amount of space available to practise safely. So, when the Observers rode their bikes without holding on to the handle bars (don’t try this at home) there was plenty of room on the airstrip to practise safely.

The next 2 sessions covered braking and cornering. Very few of us get a chance to find out how effective our brakes are until you need them in an emergency situation. Being in a controlled area gave the Observers plenty of time and space to practise emergency braking. Tom organised the riders into 2 groups and the emphasis was on getting as much practise as possible, in each session the Observers were on track for 20 minutes, quite intense.

There was a break midway for lunch. The intermittent showers didn’t stop play we retreated to the i2i van for the theory sessions when it rained. The training day finished at 3 in the afternoon, a full-on day of theory, practice and fun!

How this benefits ELAM – The training day has allowed our Observer Team to refine and update some of the training we deliver on Machine Control Days. The newly gained knowledge and skills can be passed down though out the group so we can all benefit. It is also a well deserved reward for our hard working volunteers to who we say, ‘thank you.’

If any full members are interested in undertaking training to become an observer and want to know what’s involved please email – secretary@elam.org.uk

i2i Motorcycle Academy have a website where you can book on to their courses i2imca.com. Tom did hint that he may be able to put on other ELAM events, so keep your eyes peeled on the ELAM forum and website for further news.

Group Secretary and National Observer