Folembray 2019 may have a been a little wetter than desired, but being tough bikers, we weren’t deterred. We went, we rode, we partied and we damned well enjoyed ourselves whatever the weather. Riding on wet certainly requires some confidence and a riding style tempered for the conditions, for which Circuit de Folembray was a perfect place to practice. Fast lap times were not on the cards, but smooth machine control most definitely was. Adjust your outlook, it’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you can do. And this can-do attitude really shone through in this year’s award winners. So, without further a do, here are those winners:

Most improved Group C mini-group: Gary Holmes, Ami Chavner, Peter Scott, coach Marek Wiluszynski

Most improved rider, Group C: Ian Atkins.

Most improved Group B mini-group: Natalie Cooper, Jason Clugston, coach Julie (“I win something every year”) Saunders.

Most improved rider, Group B: Josiah Truasheim.

Most improved rider, Group A: Steve Saffer.

Mr Smoooooth: Graham Carter.

Bonnie Tyler “Lost in France” award: Paul Saunders, for losing his Sat-nav.

Brown Trousers award: Steve Staffer, skid-marks everywhere.

Hero to Zero award: Maneesh Rajendraprasad, for going from most improved Group C last year to crashing this year.

Knee-down award: Natalie Cooper, for getting her knee down on the way to the circuit… and her elbow… and her shoulder… etc.

Naughty-step award: Steve Outtridge, for being black-flagged three times.

All the gear, no idea award: Chrus Mutchell, for bringing race bike, van, generator, awnings, tyre-warmers, stove… but no wet-weather tyres.

Last man standing award: Will Eng, for doing laps all afternoon when all the wusses had cried off early due to the weather.


Please join me in giving all the above a well deserved congratulations.