Well, it’s certainly been a strange few months, hasn’t it? Shall we mention the C-word? I suppose it’s hard not too as it’s affected everything we do or would have done. Firstly I hope you and yours have been keeping well, and haven’t been badly affected by Covid, and this new Lockdown

From a personal point of view, I’ve missed out on a big 50th party, seeing my parents who live in Portugal, I’ve had one flight cancelled, they have had 3 flights cancelled.  My work, like many, has been effected. ELAM’s Folembray trip, that has become a key part of my year I really look forward to, also got cancelled. It now appears things have started to turn bad again, with Covid again on the rise, just when it looked like things had started to return to some sort of normality.

There’s no bike shows to see new metal and clobber, although disappointing for me, my bank managers happy! 😂 It’s even harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel now, but there’s got to be light there hasn’t there? 🤞🏻

On a positive side:

New bikes sales are up, second-hand bike prices are increasing in these strange times, which is good if your selling, not so good if your buying mind, but it does appear biking is in a good place generally.

There’s been plenty of motorbike racing, and it’s been great racing too, probably one of the best seasons for a long time. Rea’s 6th straight WSB title, although that sounds boring, he was made to fight for it with some great racing.  The absent Marquez (through injury) has made the Moto GP season amazing, with so many different riders winning, probably the best season for many, many years.

So we need to look forward, be positive and keep riding (when we are allowed obviously). Take care and I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas!

please do remember this Progression Blog is for all you lovely people, so please do send in any articles, reviews , pictures , even rants you have , everything is welcome.

Also I’d like this opportunity to personally thank Nigel(Servini) who again has taken the time to help us out with two pieces for this issue ,thanks mate 👍🏻