First of all, I’d like to apologise for a smaller magazine/blog than I would have liked and you guys deserve. I have been a bit occupied, that’s no excuse I know and I promise to do better. Right, now the grovelling out of the way, shall we move on to more related stuff. 😁

Well, we all know about the dreaded Covid, I honestly hope, you and your family have been safe and well.🤞🏻 Hopefully, you have all survived financially as well. I’m sure it been a very testing time for some of you, if not all of you.

The ELAM/IAM course has suffered, so ELAM itself has suffered. The observers really do love teaching and helping people, some even smile occasionally. 😂 [citation needed!] The light can now be seen at the end of a very long tunnel though, people are getting back to work, starting to socialise, even our famous Super Sunday rides have started again. 👍🏻 Remember if you want to lead a ride, you’re more than welcome, in fact, we would love it. Contact our Chair, Chris Cotter for details or any information you may require or just help and advice on leading a social ride.

I for one definitely missed riding, I ride mainly for entertainment and enjoyment, I know some of you are the same, whilst others have a motorbike as it’s vital for work or just transport in general. With the traffic back at the levels pre-Covid, I’m sure it’s even worse, it certainly seems that way, there’s nothing better than skipping through the traffic jams, yes you still get the odd driver who takes exception and tries to block you off, don’t get mad though, just laugh it off and remember you’ll be home nice and relaxed sooner than they will. 😂

I’ve even done another training track day, which gets the need for speed out of your system, it also improves your understanding of your bike and improves your own ability, it’s a bit like our very own MCD but on steroids. 😂

There’s also been a few brand new models that have appeared of late.

  • The Triumph Trident
  • Aprilia’s new 660 Tuono and RS 660
  • Suzuki’s Hayabusa reborn
  • Ducati’s new Monster

The new Monster has split opinion, some love it, some are disappointed that the trellis frame has been dropped. I must admit it looks better in the flesh and by all accounts, it’s a vast improvement over the older model (and that’s not a bad bike by any margin).

There’s also the continuing rise of electric motorbikes, however, I’m not a fan. it’s not that I’m against progress or helping the environment, but personally, I love the sound of a combustion engine and the thing I’d feel I’d miss the most, is the gearbox. I love the feel and the control, an automatic is easier, but I want to be the one who decides when to change gear, even if I do it badly. 😂

Just I’ve more thing. Please tell us here at Progression your riding stories, good or bad, give us your reviews on tech and equipment, any help or advice for other riders, as you would do in person at a bike meet. I personally have always felt bikers of all ages and bike types are straight-up honest and helpful people, even though we are still seen as trouble makers orhooligans by the ill-informed.

Over and out

And as Sergeant Phil Esterhaus from “Hill street Blue” used to say