The year is 2010. Life begins at 40 or so they say. Well for me it did, regarding motorcycles at least. I started to take lessons shortly before my 40th. I kicked myself virtually straight away, “Why hadn’t I done this years ago?!”

Although I always liked bikes, at a young age cars were my thing, Dad was a petrol head. Passed my car test on second attempt when l was only 17, then for the next 22 years cars were my bag, I had so many, I got bored very easily.

Did the normal thing, met my lovely wife, got married, had 2 wonderful children, but still had a desire to get on a motorbike. I loved Barry Sheen as a kid, 7’s still my favourite number. So I thought to myself, if I don’t do it now I’ll never do it. Obviously had the midlife crisis heckle, but I knew the truth, I hadn’t really been able to afford it beforehand, with the kids and mortgage etc.

So bit the bullet and applied for a Direct Access Course. I passed both my Mod 1 and 2 first time, one better than the car test, just before my 40th. Now being 40 and honestly knowing that I can’t afford to gain experience through time on my own, not getting any younger, unlike all the years driving, I decided to speed up my learning curve. Firstly, I did a BikeSafe, which I enjoyed and learnt from. The BikeSafe team recommended more training which leads me to ELAM.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how good these like minded people are. All I’d say is ELAM and it’s wonderful team, brought on my riding in leaps and bounds, and helped me not only pass my advanced test, but helped me become an Observer myself. Not forgetting getting me on my first overseas journey and first track day, Folembray.

Now I’ve been given this opportunity to help with the ELAM Progression blog/mag, with plenty of help from a certain Mr Technology Arthur Yarwood, without whom this blog couldn’t happen. So please help us, by sending in all your articles, pictures and stories, to grow Progression to something we can all take pride in.