Our Observers will tell you that they do it for many reasons. Some enjoy meeting new riders and seeing them improve. Others feel it keeps their own advanced riding skills sharp.

However, all agree that they are constantly learning from the new members they meet and with whom they come into contact.

ELAM Observers are advanced riders who’ve acquired additional skills to help them work with and develop the riding skills of new members.

We have our own programme develop the skills necessary to become an Observer. Our Observer Training Team ensures that not only do our Observers meet the standard required by IAM RoadSmart, but that their riding and coaching skills are regularly assessed and constantly developed to ensure that the highest standard of training is given to our Associates.

ELAM is always looking for new Observers to help with our structured courses. If you’ve passed your IAM RoadSmart test and would like to help, give us a call. See the Contacts page for details.