Return of the Atlas

Well some of you may have heard of Ruroc and their helmets , I did a review of their first ever motorbike helmet for progression, a while ago now. Ruroc have released their 3rd incarnation of their motor bike helmet, Ruroc are more known for their ski/snow board helmets , […]

Engine Hawk

Engine What!! Now I’ve got your attention Engine Hawk are a newish motorcycle clothing company , who are owned by those “Ruroc”Helmet guys , who have got a sort of love them ,hate them vibe going on We have got those reviews , search them out. Well according to Engine […]

Diversity within ELAM

Demographically speaking, the majority of motorcyclists are middle-aged white men. Therefore, those that choose advanced training and pass their IAM test follow suit. Given that ELAM’s pool of observers mostly comes from the cohort of riders who have come through the group as associates and passed their test with us, […]