Motorcycle world championships Questions

  1. Who are the only father and son to win a MotoGP world title?
  2. Although MotoGP riders wear full leathers nowadays they are not made from cows. So which animal supplies the necessary leather, and why is it chosen?
  3. Who has the fastest ever (average lap) speed at a Grand Prix and also the fastest one lap speed, and at which track?
  4. Which Racer from Zimbabwe (although born in Wales) is the only person to win a top flight World Championship?
  5. Who is 2nd on the all time winners list of motorcycle world championships, but has never won a top flight championship?

Isle of Man TT Questions

  1. How many corners has the Isle of Man TT?
  2. In what year did the TT become part of the motorcycle world Championship and what year did it finish?
  3. Who was the first and so far only person to win 5 races in one meeting?
  4. Apart from the First and Second World Wars, the TT has only been cancelled once, what was the year?
  5. What rider holds the current lap record?