ELAM publishes a monthly newsletter, called Progression, free to all night

While growing numbers of our members have internet access, Progression is the only regular means of communication with ALL our members.

Therefore the editorial policy has the following priorities:

  1. To provide general information about ELAM and how to contact us
  2. To print a diary of forthcoming courses and other group events
  3. Welcome new members and to congratulate test passes.
  4. Advertise forthcoming events
  5. Report on recent group events, social runs, etc.
  6. Provide news and articles that may be of general of interest to members.

The final category needn’t be 100% serious. We can include anything providing:

  1. It’s interesting and reasonably motorcycle related
  2. It does not detract from the ideals of the ELAM or IAM RoadSmart.
  3. It isn’t overtly defamatory or in bad taste.
  4. It’s reasonably politically correct .

If you’re interested in submitting an article or simply learning more, contact the editor via our Contacts page.

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